School Holidays – Dog Tired

I can’t tell you how much I love the school holidays (even if I find them a little confusing at first). I go to new places and find lots of new smells. I get so much extra time with my humans too. It’s amazing.

Clock next to a cup and saucer showing the time to get up but not during school holidays
What time is it? Get a move on


I am a border collie though, and I do like my routine. My Humans often seem a little annoyed at my normal wake up call but then they never tell me the night before they don’t need to get up.

And then there’s the school run. Why is no one putting their shoes on? Alexa has reminded them but they are pouring another cup of tea!

I’m put out in the garden as I’m told I’m pestering. Not true, I don’t want anyone to get into trouble with school or work. But the sun is shining and the flowers are starting to come up. Ahhhh Spring!

What’s This?

Ooo now the oldest little human is getting her shoes on and grabbing my lead. This is interesting, I don’t normally get a lot of time with her on the morning as she’s normally off to school early. I wonder where we are going?

We stroll up to the next village and there’s some friends! Wohoo I think I’m going to like today. Another human and more dogs and it’s off into the hills for us. Leads off, it’s time to play. This is the life.

We walk for miles and then it’s a quick drop down and we are back home. The Peak District is an amazing place to live. We are very fortunate.

Tag Team

Oh it’s tag team day! Mum human wants to go for a run so change of lead and off we go. Now we are running along the old tram lines. Up the hill to Mum’s favourite part. She stops to take in the views at the top of the hill allowing me time to catch my breath and grab a quick drink from the well. Then down we go.

I’ve done quite a lot of running. Human Mum and I ran coast to coast a few years ago. Now that was a holiday but I’ll save that story for another time.

And just like that we are home. Humans are talking about food. I may not be completely fluent in Human but this much is easy 😉 and it looks like we are going out again. I wonder where to this time?

The pub! I should have seen that coming. Humans are all showered and ready to go again. A short walk this time and here we are. They’ve gone to order so I’ll just rest my eyes a little… oh how I love the school holidays!

Dog sat up sleeping with head resting on picnic bench
Dog Tired

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