Well, hello!

Fancy seeing you here! This is the ramblings of a border collie dog. Intrigued? Why wouldn’t you be! A talking dog, whatever next? But I can tell you that most owners will tell you their dog talks to them and is a fabulous listener.

Allow me to introduce my doggy self

My name is Crackers. I’m a border collie aged 7 1/4 years, a family dog who truly loves his humans and being outdoors.

I’m at my happiest when I’m active. So much so that I walk to work each day. It’s an easy life. I love to run and play. Although I’ve been called shy around other dogs, the truth is I’m more interested in a stick.

Oh, I’m also ruled by two cats. It appears they can do what they like to me but I’m not even allowed to pinch a little of their food. Personally, I thought it was very kind of me to lick their bowls clean every night. Apparently my humans didn’t agree – but that is for another time!

Pet Dog Hates and Loves

I hate baths or showers. I love paddling in the sea or swimming in rivers. It’s not about the water, I just know what is best for me.

I adore the log burner going in the evening after a long run. You wouldn’t believe how close I lie to the hearth. But I can’t stand an open fire crackling but I’m not scared of fireworks!

I hate staying home alone. I love digging up the garden when no one is looking. Are you starting to get the picture? I’m just fussy 😋

I know it’s funny that a dog is writing a blog. But hey, I’ve got an active mind, what can I say! I wanted a chance to share things with you as they pop through my head As well as some great ideas to share with your dogs. Plus my humans are always taking photos of me. 😘

border collie dog and young owner lying down cuddling next to castle walls after a walk
Me and my girl

My family have looked after them all, from puppies to older dogs, and sure know a thing or too. I may let them guest blog occasionally, if I think they have something interesting to share. But this is my blog first and foremost. After all, it’s the ramblings of a border collie x

Please leave me a message to say you’ve stopped by. I love a tickle of the ears, which my humans have said I’ll get for every comment.

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