Mini Break at Colemore Farm

I just love getting away on a break and many of you may have noticed I was down in Shropshire recently. A personal favourite of mine (and my humans). We stayed at Colemore Farm for the weekend. A beautiful rural retreat.

picture of Frog Mill Barn the holiday let at Colemore Farm on a beautiful sunny day taken on a mini break
Frog Mill Barn

Frog Mill Barn is a gorgeous place to stay, 2 bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, large open plan living area etc. But more importantly pet friendly and fabulous places to walk. All from your door step.

Escape the Rat Race

It’s amazingly quiet here. All I could hear were the birds in the trees and the occasional bleeting of sheep in the distance. The humans were all ready for a lie in but I gave them a nudge as the weather was so gorgeous and we headed off through the woods to the River Severn.

There was hardly a soul in sight. A couple of cyclists who said hello and I think I spotted someone fishing – not really my sport 🤣 We walked for miles under the unseasonally warm sun.

crackers the border collie on his walk down to the river severn on a break
Off we go!

So much to do on your break

It’s amazing what’s on your doorstep here. It’s a fabulous place for a break although we would have loved to stay longer. We took a trip into Ironbridge, the small humans loved Blists Hill. Seeing a glimpse of Victorian history in action. However, the Iron Bridge itself is a stunning thing to see in itself. I’m told it is a symbol of the start of the industrial revolution – whatever that means. Hey, I’m a dog I nod eagerly at most things, go and explore it yourself!

New Friends

I always enjoy making new friends. It takes me a bit of time to notice them, I’m not anti-social, I just enjoy a stick being thrown more. So back at the farm I met Charlie, the Jack Russell who lives at the farm. He’s a happy little thing and we hit it off immediately. I enjoy his company because he tells interesting stories. However, I can’t share those with you 😘

Charlie the jack russell dog that lives at colemore farm sniffing at the grass

We played for a bit as the humans were chatting to the owner. She seems a nice human too, she even had a treat for me. I believe she’s been on TV too! Though she did point out I was looking a bit mucky after my walk and offered some old towels to clean me up with. Better than a hose I suppose!

I did take a peak at the bathroom in Frog Mill Barn but I don’t do bubbles and candles! However, Mum human thought this was amazing and took herself off with a book. She’s reading Dear Mrs Bird if you are interested.

en suite bathroom at Frog Mill Barn showing a roll top bath and sink
En Suite Bathroom

But I’m shattered now anyway so I think I’ll have a little lie down while she’s soaking. I can dream while she reads. One day I will write my own book perhaps. Mainly about my dreams I think. After all that’s what most humans seem interested in! Time for some research. After that I’ve heard we might go and find a pub to wrap up the day in.

Why is it that you go on a break because you need a rest and then wear yourself out? My advice is stay longer and take it all in your stride. We didn’t even get into Bridgnorth, a lovely market town so I’m told.

Colemore Farm house shown from the main back garden with a child running round with a west highland terrier dog
Playing in the main garden

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