Poo Fairies

Oh I know it’s not a very nice subject but someone has to talk about it. Poo! I’ve noticed that certain times of year are worse than others. In winter, do people think no one else is out walking? I’m very lucky to live in the Peak District. I can roam the hills, play along […]

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Mini Break at Colemore Farm

I just love getting away on a break and many of you may have noticed I was down in Shropshire recently. A personal favourite of mine (and my humans). We stayed at Colemore Farm for the weekend. A beautiful rural retreat.

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School Holidays – Dog Tired

It’s the school holidays but I am a border collie though, and I do like my routine. My Humans often seem a little annoyed at my normal wake up call.

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Dog -v- Cats

Feeding problems? A house full of pets eating each others food? I have the answer. A tried and tested remedy proved by a border collie and his cats

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border collie dog lying on a beach

Well, hello!

This is the ramblings of a border collie dog. Intrigued? Why wouldn’t you be! A talking dog, whatever next? But I can tell you that most owners will tell you their dog talks to them and is a fabulous listener.

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